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Fag Break

Fag Break
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Fag Break is a game

Fag Break is a piece of music

Fag Break is a piece of theatre

Fag Break is a site specific event

Two musicians and two audience members follow sets of instructions and play a game that results in the performance of a unique improvised composition inspired by the history of their surroundings. 

Fag Break was the result of a commission to devise an intimate piece to perform during Plovdiv 2019 (European City of Culture). The first performances were in a former tobacco factory and featured lighters, cigarette packets, ominous percussion, classical cello and echoes of Otis Redding’s 'Cigarettes and Coffee'. 

Second performances took place at the Profound Sound Festival (2020) in Folkestone Quarterhouse, which was built on the site of a building firm, a cake shop and a beer shop.

Fag Break provides permission and a space for adult non-musicians and musicians to play together and be creative within given constraints, which sometimes results in some delightfully surprising responses!


Percussion - Haydn Ackerley (Plovdiv)

Cello - Laura Ritchie (Plovdiv)

Voice, Bottle, Hammer - Anna Braithwaite (Folkestone)

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That was such fun! - Participant

Watch one whole round of Fag Break  as played in Folkestone here

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