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Sensing WW1

Sensing WW1 is an immersive gig-theatre piece that weaves together a wide selection of WW1 poetry with original song, spoken word and sound design. It explores the thoughts, feelings and sensory experiences of life in the trenches. 

It was first performed alongside an illustrated talk by Professor Michael Bull of Sussex University and a screening of Stanley Kubrick's 1957 film, Paths of Glory, in a centenary event that illuminated the sensory world of those who lived during World War One.

It was made in collaboration with performers Lisa Guile and Al Strachan, 

Audience Comments

‘The performance was a remarkable, profound, intensely moving evocation of the war - pity, hope, horror, beauty - words fail me. Moved to tears.’

‘Deeply moving, very informative’.


Some of it was difficult listening - in the best possible way. Haunting.’

‘A perfect afternoon’

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